Hanging Guidelines

Our diverse product range is designed largely for outdoor use, making it essential to consider various surfaces for the best display. With no one-size-fits-all hanging solution, the responsibility for hanging our signs, house numbers, and acrylic products lies with the customer. Please note that hanging devices are not provided with your product purchase.

Hanging suggestionsBelow are some suggested products that may be suitable for hanging your sign, always read the instructions carefully and consult your hardware store for personalised advice on hanging our products. Their expertise ensures a secure and durable installation tailored to your specific requirements.Interior: We highly recommend 3M command velcro strips for use on painted walls. These strips offer a reliable and damage-free solution, provided you follow the instructions accurately. For wallpaper we recommend using screws, or standoffs.Outdoor: We highly recommend Sellys Hold Up is a versatile, instant hold adhesive and works on most surfaces.

Custom Hanging Options

Customers can customise many of their products by requesting holes for hanging with screws or stand-offs. Standard hole sizes are 4mm for screws or 8mm for stand-offs. Please leave a note with your order for specific requirements. No holes will be added to your order unless specified.


Please be aware that no.27.co cannot accept responsibility for any damage resulting from incorrect hanging of our products. Exercise caution and adhere to recommended guidelines during installation to preserve the integrity of your purchase.

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to reach out via hello@no.27.co if you have any specific questions or need further assistance.